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Jett Palmer is the son of John Palmer The character is portrayed by Will Mc Donald. While at the beach, Jett steals a tourist's wallet.

John Palmer tries to catch him, but Jett outruns him.

The fundraiser is a success and Jett starts to design the memorial.

During the trip, Gina suddenly stops the car, falls unconscious and dies, leaving Jett and John devastated.

Jett was angry when his one of his teachers, Bianca Scott becomes principal of Summer Bay High and gives Jett Gina's photo of him with Gina and John but Jett snatches the photo away telling Bianca to get out, confessing that the office still belings to Gina. Jett begins dating Nina Bailey, a girl he met at the school disco.

When Marilyn Chambers is mugged, Gina's son Xavier, is convinced Jett did it. Gina tries to see Jett's mother, but he claims that she is in the hospital.

Gina then invites him to stay with her family and makes him to apologies to Marilyn.Jett's plan to be alone with Indi is ruined when he has to go to the Walker's.