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Effectively a single father for a few years, Oldman was confident about his fourth marriage as recently as February 2014. K.’s , Oldman admitted that he was not marriage material in his younger days: “I’m not proud to say that though. ” Oldman added: “I’m not proud that this is my fourth marriage. But I’ve had a few goes at it now, so I’ve probably learned something from the first three,” he said. Ever since burst ing into the limelight in the Eighties, in Mike Leigh's Meantime and, as Sid Vicious, in Alex Cox's Sid & Nancy, Oldman has been a consistently ver satile and daring performer, with a string of historical figures and fic tional monsters to his name, brought to life with an uncanny ear for accents. When I heard what he'd said about me, I thought, 'Here's back at you kid'." It's been a busy fortnight for the actor, flying back and forth between Los Angeles, where he's reprising his popular role in the third of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies as doughty cop Jim Gordon, and Europe to promote Tinker, Tailor ....Ray Winstone, no slouch himself in front of the camera, once called his friend "a genius". Meeting me last Wednesday, the morning after the London premier, Oldman looks typically dapper – with a fetching combo of salmon-pink shirt and red socks – but says that by midnight "it had all gone a bit blurry".When Michael Fassbender accepted the best actor award at the Venice Film Festival last Sunday, he paid tribute to someone who might well have collected the prize himself."I have been following Gary Oldman's career since I was 14," he said.When I ask Oldman if he might have some tips for the young Fassbender and the Hollywood machine of which he's been a part for 20 years, his eyes twinkle. One suspects that Oldman, who lives in Los Angeles, is enjoying every minute of fronting such a quintessen tially English project. Oldman follows in the esteemed footsteps of Alec Guinness as George Smiley, "spying on the spies", the mes merising lead of a top-notch cast that includes Colin Firth, John Hurt, Bene dict Cumberbatch and Mark Strong.

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Fassbender, who is currently starring in Jane Eyre, could well become the dominant actor of the next decade; the 53-year-old Oldman, who was in Venice with the impeccable adaptation of John le Carré's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, is rightly cited as the best British actor of his generation.

and doing other things." Chief among the "other things" has been acting as a single parent to two sons, Gulliver and Charlie, from his marriage to Donya Fiorentino, which ended in 2001 (he has been married twice before, first to the English actress Lesley Manville, with whom he had a son, Alfie, and to Uma Thurman).