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26-Jul-2017 21:31

Classes range from Antenatal & Newborn Care, Parenting all age groups, Parenting After Separation or Divorce, Self Development For Teenagers and in-school and community services.Help Me To Parent use the award winning Parents Plus Programmes for courses.You can talk about the development of the baby in the womb and how they grow from a tiny egg to have arms, hands, fingers etc. Not providing some kind of answer for a child can result in them using their imagination to fill in the gaps, so it is better if you avoid that!For older children, talking about sex is so much more than just the act of sex itself.If you don’t want to purchase a book and would prefer to chat using your own knowledge it is important you prepare yourself.Map out (on paper if necessary) the areas that you want to discuss with your child making sure that you cover everything.

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Today it is about lots of small, frequent, repetitive conversations with your child.Make sure you can talk to your child about how a girl’s menstrual cycle works, the fallopian tubes, the womb, ovulation and so forth.Ensure that you also inform your child about boys and what an erection is, why it occurs, the penis, testicles, sperm, semen, wet dreams and ejaculation.There are so many more parts of growing up beyond puberty and sexual development.

You should also talk to them about how they may change in terms of their interests, feelings towards the opposite sex, falling in love and dealing with feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness.

Remember what it was like for you growing up and offer plenty of support and tender loving care when it is needed!